ACM Services


Currency Management is controlled centrally at ACM Head Office and provides cash forecasting, ordering and cost optimisation for ATMs and financial institution branches. Currency Management options include full accounting reconciliation for ATMs, cardholder dispute resolution advice and ATM funding (both for cash and hardware).

ACM provides complete reconciliation and various settlement options for a broad range of different types of customer requirements. All reporting is designed to provide complete, accurate and relevant information which streamlines reconciliation to financial systems. Product options such as the ACM "Prime" and "Part Prime" processes are designed to cut the costs of handling cash for customers.

The high speed equipment used in ACM processing centres is integrated into the cash management system. Significant investment has been made to develop a state of the art currency management system.

ACM provides an End to End ATM service that creates the best value for our customers by reducing the total cost of ownership and increasing end-user satisfaction. ACM's End to End ATM management extends from the ATM hardware decision, through installation and cash provision to monitoring, maintenance and eventual replacement.

Measured by ATM availability, our aim is to provide a superior total service that meets our customers' requirements of having cash accessible anytime, anywhere.

The experience of our own people together with key strategic partnerships has enabled ACM to be New Zealand's only true provider of a total ATM solution in the region.