Four Square, Tekapo

Four Square, Tekapo


Four Square is a subsidiary of the Foodstuffs South Island group which includes Pak’n’Save and New World Markets, and is a trusted grocery retailer focused on providing local communities with service that is second to none. Four Square has more than 280 stores across New Zealand.



When Four Square built a larger premises in Tekapo, they decided to overhaul their cash management process.

The store team was spending considerable time and resources each day managing general banking, including change requirements, till floats and cash management, which was preventing them from focusing on other value-add activities.



Four Square Tekapo approached ACM, as the known and trusted supplier of cash recycling equipment for the Foodstuffs South Island group, to devise a custom solution to meet their business needs.

ACM recommended Scan Coin cash recyclers (RCS400/450), a suggestion which was independently verified by Four Square’s internal research.

The Scan Coin cash recyclers are modular in design, and provide a number of options to best suit the needs of Four Square Tekapo.



The Scan Coin cash recyclers were installed in the new store, and have provided significant benefits for Four Square Takepo. These include:

  • improved security of staff and cash on site
  • decreased daily banking time from 1 hour to 10 minutes
  • improved visibility of cash management

Four Square Tekapo know exactly how much cash they have on hand at any given time, which has improved cash flow and reduced cash holdings on site. Cash on hand can be tailored each week day, meaning Four Square only has what they need, without running out.

The installation has also improved accountability and operations:

  • easier to balance each cashier on a daily basis
  • simpler overall reporting
  • easier to find discrepancies when they occur
  • operational accuracy can be monitored
  • reduced rate of discrepancies

Overall, the installation of the Scan Coin cash recyclers has allowed the team at Four Square Takepo to concentrate less on cash management and more on customer service.


“We made the perfect choice. I don’t think we could run our business without the RCS400/504”. Jason Jeffries, Owner and operator of Four Square Tekapo
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