Kiwibank was established in 2002 to offer a banking alternative for New Zealanders.  The bank has more than 800,000 customers, employs more than 1,000 staff and has a footprint that includes a national ATM network and more than 250 PostShops.



Kiwibank and ACM have worked together for nearly a decade, during which the ACM Online solution was provided for Kiwibank branches across the country. It was discovered that ACM Online was being under-utilised by some franchisees and outlets, creating inefficiencies and additional workload for both branch and head office staff.



It was discovered that some transactional branches, or those without access to a Kiwibank terminal, were unable to login to ACM Online.  This meant that branch staff were determining orders and emailing them to a single point of contact at head office, who would then log the branch order via ACM Online.

The ACM team determined that secondary level access details could be provided for transactional branches and outlets. This allows branches to login to the system, but also retains visibility by head office for reporting and auditing purposes.



The creation of the additional logins supported by further staff training has resulted in the adoption of ACM Online at almost 40 Kiwibank branches.

Branch staff can now access the system, and have more confidence to place orders when they need them. A significant increase in usage of ACM Online results in time and operational efficiencies for branches and head office. 

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