A Very Merry Cashmas

A Very Merry Cashmas

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August 31, 2022

How to get it right this Christmas

According to British online newspaper The Independent`, over a quarter of the 2,000+ adults surveyed across the UK have their fingers crossed and their wallets open for the alternative gift of cash this Christmas.

In a year like no other, just the thought of lining up for the latest release at the shops, waiting for online orders to arrive in the mail, or fighting over the last sizeable ham left at the deli can be overwhelming, and is enough to want to send you back into lockdown.

Once considered a hasty last-minute gift, cash has now been repositioned by leading etiquette experts such as Elaine Swann, founder of The Swann School of Protocol as “the most welcome gift – the one gift most people actually want*” a thought echoed amongst even our youngest gift receivers.

Ruby (10) and Wren (12) from Auckland, will finally be travelling to see their family in the South Island for Christmas. The girls have instigated a cousin-wide ban on physical gift exchanging, instead they are all handcrafting cards to give to each other and inserting cash to spend on activities they can do all together.

Wren says “by the time we get back from holidays we have no idea who got us what, that’s why we’re all going to buy a special something we choose for ourselves. Plus, we haven’t been able to go into the shops, the movies or anywhere for ages, so we’re very excited!” And they’re not the only ones. “Christmas time can be daunting, but what we're seeing is a little more excitement this year^," according to retail and consumer behaviour expert Eloise Zoppos.

Border closures and travel restrictions have kept many New Zealand families apart (on and off) for the best part of 12 months, and with plane seats hotly contested, who wants to be spending big for extra baggage allowance on the return leg caused by an onslaught of random ‘gifts for gift’s sake’ from the extended family?

Head instead to your nearest ATM, where you know you’ll never run out of time, have to wait, or jostle to secure the gift that absolutely everyone wants this year, then you can put your feet up and have yourself a Merry little Cashmas.




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