Armaguard and ACM Online

Armaguard and ACM Online

Simplify ordering and save time by placing and editing cash collection and change orders online via Armaguard Group’s secure online portal. Order CIT stationery, track orders and more.

Armaguard and ACM Online

Arrange change orders and cash collections via Armaguard Online

Whether you operate a large network of bank branches or a small retail operation, our secure online portal empowers staff to place, edit and cancel cash related orders online via a user-friendly interface.

Ordering is simple and easy, allowing authorised users to order specific note and coin denominations depending on their needs. Our secure online platform includes a tailored selection of features for detailed forecasting, service reporting and settlement so you can run your operations more efficiently.

Provide access to the people who need it with a range of access levels. Access can be organised by:

Site level: Individual sites are set-up with individual login/password details to order cash delivery.

Cluster level: A centralised view of all sites in one cluster

Head office level: A centralised view across all sites and all clusters

Users at any level can be given ‘read only’ access, ensuring only authorised users can place orders.

Order CIT stationary, make changes to orders, track historical orders and more. Maintain control with a unified view of current and past orders across all of your sites.

Information is knowledge with a full suite of reports

Tailor access so authorised team members can retrieve a full suite reports from a user-friendly dashboard.

Click here to access your Armaguard Online and Jeni training modules 

Learn how to login, navigate, lodge orders as well as edit and cancel collection, or change orders online. Contact your Account Manager today for your unique training password.

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