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Currency Processing, Settlement and Reporting

We provide complete processing, reconciliation and various settlement options for a broad range of customer needs, including:

  • Retail deposits
  • Commercial business deposits
  • Express deposits
  • Financial institution branch cash
  • ATM returns
  • Foreign currency
  • Note reader cassettes
  • Retail deposits
  • Deposit consolidation
  • Residual processing

Prime Count Suite

There’s no longer any need to spend time and effort counting cash yourself. Our Prime Count Suite counts and reconciles your takings to close the cash loop.

Prime Count Suite helps remove inconsistencies in the cash management process and reduces your cash processing costs.


We provide in-depth reports to complement all of the above services. Reports are processed as electronic files that you can format to suit your needs, for increased transparency and easy reconciliation to your financial records.

Each of our cash operations features a balance and audit function, providing an independent audit and quality control check.